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About Your Success – What’s Stopping You?

Change is something that happens in our lives naturally, whether we like it or not. Day turns into night. We grow older, as do our children. We buy houses, change homes, lifestyles, jobs and more.

Yet some of us don’t handle change as well as others and every change is frightening. Unfortunately, fear can be a paralyzing emotion and feeling. It can make us afraid to do anything and we simply stand still. The biggest fear of all humans is the fear of the unknown. When we can’t predict the outcome, we usually become afraid. Most of the time, with any type of change we can’t predict the outcome. That can be scary. However, change is one of the things in life that will definitely happen.

But fear not! There is a better way to handle change so that it’s not so scary. In fact the reality is, change is not so much about handling something new and different as it is about making the new and different things a choice – your choice, owning them as your own. And the best way to conquer your fear of these new things or changes is by taking control, having a positive mind set and taking charge in a manner that says it is your choice to change. Make this a conscious decision – take ownership of the facts.

There is no doubt that the biggest obstacle any one ever faces is their own perception of the world. As Henry Ford is reputed to have said,  “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

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