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About Me

My PhotoHi, My name is Graham N Barton but my friends call me Nick. I learned years ago that primarily I am an educator. Nothing can beat the buzz you get when somebody succeeds by following your advice and training. My passion is to help people unlock the inner potential that they have, to make them understand and believe that they can choose to earn whatever they like.

Since I got divorced(for the second time) fifteen years ago my life has revolved around my two youngest sons who are now  twenty and seventeen. It soon became apparent that if I wanted to be part of the boy’s lives I needed to be able to work round their schedule, so I left my well paid job as a sales trainer, and started looking online for ideas. I spent a couple of years buying and selling things, mainly cars. Even just five years ago you could often pick up cars on ebay for next to nothing, do a little work and sell them on for a good profit. It was quite easy to make a decent living, but things change.

I’ve made every mistake possible you can make. I taught myself basic programming, how to build websites install blogs etc, and started doing things like writing articles, setting up blogs and so on for other people, and have always managed to pay my bills, but basically just created  a job for myself that was poorly paid and inconsistent. I spent almost three years developing a piece of software that was going to make my fortune. While I was beta testing it, I was having real problems, somebody released an almost identical product but as software as a service. That completely priced the software I had poured my heart and soul into out of the market and I was forced to write off hundreds of hours of work. I have however learned a lot from certain marketers, the most important lesson being that while there is no point trying to reinvent the wheel, that doesn’t mean you have to do anything that does not suit your own personality. One marketer in particular has his own ways of doing things that resonates completely with what I do.

What he has helped me understand is what I should have done in the first place, and that is to concentrate on helping others achieve their dreams. I got a bit of a wake up call a few months ago when somebody I had coached(basically using this particular marketers teachings) told me that they had achieved their first £1,000 day. In five months they had achieved more than I had in five years working just from the basics that I had taught them. That was a kick up the you know where. I know how to run an online business, I just haven’t been doing it consistently enough with sufficient focus.

I was in the restaurant and pub business for many years and then spent years as a sales trainer in the direct consumer sales field (you know that irritating double glazing/kitchen/alarm/driveways etc guy who just won’t leave).
I have qualifications in Business, finance and marketing so I have plenty business experience, however my expertise was always setting up businesses and training others to run them, and that is what I now intend to do. I soon found out that the day to day running of a business is the boring bit, All my pubs had managers, so the aim is to minimise that as much as possible while concentrating on the bits that are fun! Let me help you do the same.

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